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Курс доллара взлетел почти на рубль на вечерке

Спасибо st0ckman и tarannikov за наводку
Bloomberg) --
Two leading U.S. senators said Tuesday they’ll introduce a bipartisan bill to increase U.S. sanctions against Russia that would target Russian debt as well as the country’s energy and financial sectors.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and Democrat Bob Menendez said in a joint statement that just as Russian President Vladimir Putin has sought to challenge U.S. power and influence, «The United States must make it abundantly clear that we will defend our nation and not waver in our rejection of his effort to erode Western democracy.»

Graham of South Carolina and Menendez of New Jersey, the top Democrat on the Foreign Relations Committee, said their legislation will require Senate approval for any U.S. withdrawal from NATO and will include increased efforts to counter Russian disinformation.

Senators Marco Rubio and Chris Van Hollen are pushing for a vote on a separate bill which would impose new sanctions, including sanctions on debt transactions, for countries interfering in the midterm elections.

In the House, GOP leaders plan to move cautiously on any Russia sanctions that cast a wide net and could have unintended consequences, especially when it comes to sovereign debt markets, according to a GOP aide. House Republicans tweaked a separate Russia sanctions bill last year to resolve concerns from energy companies working on projects with foreign partners.

"Два ведущих сенатора США заявили во вторник, что они примут двухпартийный законопроект о повышении санкций США против России, которые будут нацелены на российский долг, а также на энергетический и финансовый сектора страны."
Несомненно это последствия встречи Трамп Путин и то, как Трамп там выглядел
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