Иностранный агент (taxfree) wrote,
Иностранный агент

Ларри Вильямс о биткойне в timingsolutions группе сегодня

Текст если кому надо перевести. Ответ Ларри Вильямса на вопрос о том, что будет с биткойном в ближайшее время
Interesting you should ask…
I'm in New York City for the traders Expo and last night had dinner with one of my friends who is the first or second largest trader in India. He took a substantial amount of money out of bitcoin's earlier… All of his work is based on fundamentals is not a technician and probably the own non-astrology trader in all of India :-)
In discussing it I told him I thought it was all over… The pattern is what I call a "fallen angel"… Anything that has a substantial up move then cracks like bitcoin did is on the garbage dump of stocks for years to come.
Then my friend who is lot younger and smarter than I am and more attuned to things of this nature said, "I totally agree it's all over"
We both feel that what we saw is the first speculative wave in the formation of some type of new currency neither of us have a good view of what that is we don't think will be a world or global currency but there will be a new form of currency but that's probably 6- 8 years away. It will not be a private enterprise coin it will be something formulated in essence by the big guys… Goldman and the IMF… Not kids with computers.
For what it's worth here's my cycle projection based on a very simple cycle forecasting tool that is nothing more than a combination of what I think are the three most dominant short-term cycles in all markets. This has not been optimized it is the same formula for everything. Fascinating how close it is to Alons work.
Happy trails to all
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